Are Pugs Aggressive? The Surprising Truth About Pug Temperament

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Who are pugs? Pugs are cute little dogs that belong to the royal empire of China. You may be concerned if are pugs aggressive. But let me tell you that pugs are adorable little pets who are lovable and cheerful to play with and house.

Behold! Knowing that pugs are cheerful doesn’t mean they cannot be aggressive. Although pugs are fun to have around, they can sometimes be aggressive. Please read this article to the end and learn more about pugs, their nature, and their aggressiveness.

Are Pugs Aggressive?

Are pugs aggressive? Is it the right breed for me? These are common questions for people who intend to pet them. Pugs aren’t usually aggressive dogs. They are known to be sweet, kind, and loving in nature. But, if pugs aren’t socialized and trained adequately, they may show signs of aggressiveness.

Pug’s Temperament

You might be thinking pugs are aggressive dogs. Maybe or may not, but pugs are often stubborn, and all they do is please their owners. Pugs usually don’t bark or chew or show signs of aggression in themselves. Pugs also get along well with children and are affectionate to house with other dogs and cats.

Causes of Aggression in Pugs

Do you know not all dog owners have the liberty to own a pug puppy that has a clean bill of health? However, pugs get along well with other dogs and cats. But pugs need to be green with envy of other animals. 

Hence, to ensure the safety of pugs and other animals, socializing the pugs is essential. Pugs are also known to be aggressive towards stranger dogs. Therefore, you should keep them socializing with dogs of other breeds.

Pug Aggression Towards Humans

Are pugs aggressive? This question is also familiar to people who want to pet pugs with children. Hence, there’s good news. Often, pugs don’t do aggressive behavior, especially around children and elderly human beings. But, rarely, they may beat someone black and blue.

Pugs are known to be full of the joys of spring. Pugs love their owners. But how would you know when they do aggressive behavior? Pugs try to nib on their feet and bark at others if they become aggressive or act aggressively. Therefore one should be careful not to promote aggression in them.

Poor Socialization

Just as we discussed, pugs are no domestic angels. While debating whether are pugs aggressive, one should know that socialization is critical for any pet to manage its temperament around other pets and human beings. Poor socialization might cause develop aggressive behaviors.

Resource Guarding

Dogs practice resource guarding when they want to keep you away from an item they treasure or a “resource.” Hence, it is no surprise if a dog guards any of their belongings or products that belong to you as a treasure for them.

Resource guarding can be due to genetics, stress that triggers the process, or even a history of the scarcity of any product. Moreover, if any needs of the pugs aren’t considered timely, you may experience aggression and resource guarding in such cases.

Fear Response

If the pugs have undergone trauma or are experiencing age-related dementia, they may fear their own shadow. Moreover, socializing with human beings and dogs of other breeds may also be a pain in the neck.

Are pugs aggressive? Common causes of fear and anxiety that induce aggression in pugs may include forceful encounters with an event, trying to overcome phobias or separation anxiety. Separation anxiety may include abandonment or frequent owner changes.

Health Issues

Are pugs aggressive? Do they show aggression when ill? We all exhibit some aggression when we feel under the weather. So how can one expect pugs to show calm behavior when not feeling on top of the world?

But you may need to contact the vet immediately if the pug puppy shows any signs of aggression out of the blue. Pugs puppy cannot speak, and aggression is the only way to alert owners of an ongoing problem.

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Preventing Aggression in Pugs


You might be anti-social, but that doesn’t mean the pugs also love the life of solitude. Like other dog breeds, pugs do require some time mingling with others. If properly socialized, they may not show aggressive behavior.

The sooner, the better. Therefore, the earlier you train pugs and socialize with them, the better they feel. The best time to train for socializing is between three weeks to sixteen weeks. As a pug owner, you can take them to the dog park. It would be best to prevent aggressive behavior.

Obedience Training

Pugs may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but that doesn’t mean they are dumb. Pugs are known to be more stubborn than any other breed of dog. Hence, you can train them, but it may take time and effort.

Controlling their aggressive behavior may be the cherry on top if you train them well in obedience. You can also teach them the word “focus.” Pugs are known to be distracted easily, and the term may help control their aggression manifold.

We have attached a youtube video below. The video helps you with more insights regarding whether are pugs aggressive. Do watch to learn more about it.

How To Show Dominance With Your Dog | It’s Me or the Dog

Veterinary Care

Pugs are famous for their short snouts and face. But, before petting them, do know when you ask if are pugs aggressive, which can be fierce for their medical health.

Pugs often struggle with breathing, commonly known as Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome (BAOS). Nonetheless, their protruded eyes are prone to injuries and infections that may affect their vision. Therefore, aggression may be an issue.

Obesity is another major cause of their aggression. Now, why are they prone to obesity? It is because pugs are known as couch potatoes and lack exercise due to their breathing problems.


So, while one asks whether are pugs aggressive, the pug breed is never considered an aggressive breed of dogs. Usually, pugs show aggression to any trigger; therefore, one should look for what triggers attack them.

To your luck, we’ve discussed a few points in this article about if are pugs aggressive. See if that triggers aggression in them or not. However, it is optional that one trigger point may be the same for each pug, so you better know the trigger points of your pug specifically.

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