Best Heat Lamp For Bearded Dragon For Health And Happiness

best uvb light for bearded dragons

Bearded Dragons need ample heat and light for them to regulate their body temperature and thrive. A basking spot with a special heat light will do the trick. But which one should you get? In this article, we’ll discuss what heating lamps are, the different types, why you need one for your Beardie and best heat lamp for Bearded Dragon for health and happiness. Then, we’ll help you decide how to choose the best light for your Beardie before sharing the best heat light for Bearded Dragons.

best heat lamp for bearded dragon

Comparison Chart Of The Best Basking Light Options For Bearded Dragon

NameImageWattageFits standard fixtures?PriceFeaturesRating (/5)
ZooMed Repti Basking Spot Bulb100 WattsYesClick hereIdeal for all desert reptiles, comes with 2 bulbs, can last up to 2,000 hours4.0
Fluker’s Basking Spotlight Bulbs For Reptiles100 WattsYesClick here3 bulbs in one pack, affordable4.5
Repti Zoo Reptile Heat Lamp100 WattsYesClick hereFull-spectrum bulb providing UVA/UVB rays, E26 bulb base4.5
MclanZoo Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb75 WattsYesClick hereE26 bulb base, pack of 2 bulbs, comes with digital thermometer4.5
TekiZoo Deep Heat Lamp Infrared Heater Light100 WattsYesClick hereWith silicone cover, durable premium quality, fits E26 light fixtures4.0

What Are Heating Lamps For Bearded Dragons?

Heat lamps, also known as basking bulbs, are special light bulbs that help regulate your Beardie’s body temperature. For instance, a heating lamp is used to create a warmer spot within their tank. So your Beardie can bask, allowing them to digest their food, absorb the calcium they need, and ultimately stay happy and healthy.

What Is A Ceramic Heat Emitter?

A ceramic heat emitter, also called a CHE, is explicitly made to emit heat. It will boost the temperature of your Beardie’s tank if you have trouble keeping the temperature at a steady degree. However, is there the best ceramic heat emitter for Bearded Dragons? The CHE doesn’t get too warm. Instead, it will raise the temperature to the low or mid-70s. It’ll be just enough to keep your Bearded Dragon’s temperature ideal with the help of a basking bulb.

Why Do You Need The Best Basking Bulb For Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragons are cold-blooded, also known as exothermic. They come from Australia and, in the wild, they get a natural heat source from the sun.

This heat allows them to regulate their body temperature. Without regulating their body temperature, they won’t be able to do simple tasks to thrive.

For example, they won’t be able to digest their food.

So, if your Bearded Dragon doesn’t get the heat they need, they’ll get sick and eventually die.

What Bearded Dragon Heating And Lighting Do You Need?

best heat lamp for bearded dragon

There are three types of lights you’ll want to have as part of your Bearded Dragon’s habitat setup.

First, a heat light bulb for Bearded Dragons, or a basking light, will help regulate their body temperature.

Second, a UVB bulb to provide UVB rays. Thus, allowing them to get vitamin D to absorb their calcium correctly.

Read our full guide to the best UVB light for your Beardie here.

Finally, you can use a Bearded Dragon ceramic heat lamp for the night if the tank gets below 65 degrees F.

Can I Use My Regular Light Bulb For A Heat Lamp?

Believe it or not, yes. You can use a regular light bulb as a heat lamp.

However, you’ll need to ensure you get the correct wattage that will be efficient enough to warm up your Bearded Dragon.

Also, you’ll want the bulb to fit your lamp fixture and have a durable light.

The basking bulbs we recommend on this list were made to provide heat for reptiles, whereas regular light bulbs are not.

So, if you’re in a pinch, you can use a regular bulb, but you should mainly use a basking bulb for reptiles.

Do You Need A Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp At Night?

The temperature within your Beardie’s tank doesn’t need to be as high as during the day. For instance, the tank temperature during the day should be between 75 and 85 degrees F, but you’ll want to aim for at least 80 degrees F.

At night, the temperature can be lower between 68 and 74 degrees F. However, the low- to mid-70s is ideal.

If the temperature goes below 68 to 70 degrees F, you want a heat lamp on at night.

Red bulbs emit darkness while keeping the tank warm enough so your Bearded Dragon can still sleep through the night peacefully.

What Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp Bulb Wattage Is Best?

When choosing a Bearded Dragon basking light wattage, it will depend on what’s best for your Bearded Dragon and the kind of setup you have at home.

For instance, these bulbs can be as little as 40W or as high as 150W. 

Depending on where you place the light and how far away it is from your Beardie’s basking spot, you might want to get a higher wattage. That way, the heat will be stronger the farther it goes.

Also, if you have a larger tank, it might be a good idea to get a higher wattage. Then the heat and light would be able to distribute themselves better throughout the tank.

Bearded Dragons should have a tank of at least 40 gallons. So, a good place to start is 75W.

What Else Should You Look For In The Best Basking Lamp For Bearded Dragons?

best uvb light for bearded dragons

Unfortunately, picking out a basking bulb for your Bearded Dragon isn’t simply picking out the nicest-looking bulb.

These bulbs do quite a bit for our Beardies, so we want to choose the right one for them. There are a few factors to consider when selecting a heat lamp.

First, keep in mind the wattage. As previously stated, these bulbs can be as low as 40W or as high as 150W.

You don’t want something too low, so your Beardie doesn’t get the proper heat they need. But, on the other hand, you don’t want anything too strong that will harm your Bearded Dragon. 

Try going with a 60W or 75W first, depending on the size of your tank. Choosing bulbs will be a bit of trial and error at first to ensure your Beardie is getting the proper heat and light they need.

If one of those works then use that. Otherwise, if your Bearded Dragon is still too cold, then you’ll have to go higher.

Second, make sure the bulbs have a standard fixing so they can fit into your lamp holder. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake most people make.

Lamp fixtures can be expensive, so you don’t want to end up buying more than you need.

Most bulbs are an E26 or E27 socket size, so find a lamp fixture that allows that size.

Luckily, if a brand makes heat bulbs, they most likely make lamp fixtures. So, you can match the brand you’re using if you’d like.

Finally, you want the bulb to last. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell how long a bulb will truly last. However, you don’t want to be out for most of the day and come home to a burnt bulb.

You don’t want your Beardie to go a few hours without heat.

Cheaper bulbs probably won’t last too long, so you might want to splurge on more expensive bulbs, thus higher quality.

Of course, some bulbs work, and others don’t. So, even if you buy a high-quality bulb, one could be defective and only last a few hours or a couple of days.

Whichever bulb you choose, always buy a few at a time and have back-ups on hand.

Watch this video: How to Choose the Right Heat Bulb for Your Pet Reptile! 

Top 5 Best Heat Lamp For Bearded Dragon

Now that we know Beardies need ample light and heat, what’s the best Bearded Dragon basking light?

Heat Light 1: ZooMed Repti Basking Spot Bulb


  • Provides plenty of heat and light
  • It can last up to 2,000 hours
  • Provides UVA rays


  • Bulbs may burn out within one or two months
  • May shatter easily
  • Expensive

ZooMed is a well-known brand for reptile lovers. This particular basking bulb is ideal for larger tanks. It’s one of the best Bearded Dragon heat lamps.

However, while this product is 100W, others come in different wattages. So, you can get whichever wattage is best for your tank.

One of the best parts about this is that even though it might be on the expensive side, it comes with two bulbs. So, you’ll always have a backup. However, it’s best to buy two packs at a time to have more, just in case.

These bulbs are fragile, though, so you’ll want to handle them with care. In addition, they’re known to have longevity, but some may burn out quickly within a month or two.

Otherwise, this bulb provides 35% more heat, light and also provides UVA rays. So, for instance, this bulb will be able to do a lot for your Bearded Dragon while regulating their body temperature and even giving their behavior a boost.

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Heat Light 2: Fluker’s Basking Spotlight Bulbs For Reptiles


  • Provides heat and light
  • It has three bulbs in one pack
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t have enough heat and light on its own
  • It does not contain UVB or UVA rays
  • Bulbs may burn out quickly

This particular product provides three bulbs at an affordable price. This is great for a couple of reasons.

Once you’re saving a little money, you’ll also have backups at the ready in one purchase.

However, while this bulb provides heat and light to your Bearded Dragon’s terrarium, it might not be enough on its own. So, you might need to use two bulbs at once. Then, of course, you’ll be able to give your Beardie the proper amount of heat and light they need during the day.

Also, these bulbs are 100W, but they do have other packs that come in different wattages. So, you can choose whichever is best for you.

The downside to these bulbs is that they might burn out quickly. However, they’re affordable for three bulbs, so that’s not too bad. Also, they do not contain UVB or UVA rays, so you’ll want a separate bulb to provide those.

Overall, it is a better basking light bulb for Bearded Dragons.

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Heat Light 3: Repti Zoo Reptile Heat Lamp


  • Full-spectrum bulb, providing both UVA and UVB rays
  • E26 bulb base
  • Provides heat and light


  • More expensive than other bulbs
  • It doesn’t have high longevity
  • It only comes with one bulb

There’s a lot to love about this particular basking bulb. This one comes in 100W, but you can buy the bulb in other wattages, depending on what you need.

The best part is that it’s a full-spectrum bulb, which means it provides both UVA and UVB rays. So this is a great UVB heat lamp for Bearded Dragons.

In addition, it adds plenty of heat and light to your Beardie’s tank. So, you can be sure they’ll get everything they need.

Also, the bulb has an E26 base, so it’ll fit in most standard light fixtures.

The downside to this bulb is that it’s more expensive than the other options on this list. In addition, it only comes with one bulb at a time.

So, to have some backups on hand, you’ll want to buy two or three of these at one time. Also, the bulb might not last up to six months. It could only last two or three months.

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Heat Light 4: MclanZoo Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb


  • Affordable for two bulbs
  • It comes with a digital thermometer
  • It has an E26 bulb base


  • Bulb is red
  • It may not last long
  • Only raises the temperature to 75 degrees F

This bulb is a great nighttime heat lamp for Bearded Dragons. However, as a day heat lamp, this won’t do much for your Beardie.

However, the bulb is red and can increase the heat up to 75 degrees F, perfect for nighttime.

You can still use this bulb for the day if you need to, though. 75 degrees F is good for the day temperature, but you might want to add another bulb to increase the temperature a little bit.

Luckily, this also comes with a digital thermometer for the temperature. So, you can always know the Bearded Dragon heat lamp temperature. 

This package can come in a few different wattages so that you can buy the best one for your Beardie. Also, two bulbs come in one package, so you’ll always have a backup.

In addition, it’s affordable, so you can buy more than one package at a time to have as many backups as you need.

Overall, this is the best night heat lamp for Bearded Dragons.

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Heat Light 5: TekiZoo Deep Heat Lamp Infrared Heater Light For Reptile And Amphibian Pet


  • Provides ideal heat and light
  • It comes with a silicone cover to prevent burns
  • It comes in multiple wattages


  • May burn out quickly
  • It does not provide UVA or UVB rays
  • Light is faint

This particular bulb is meant to be used 24 hours a day. For instance, it does provide ample heat for your Beardie. Depending on the wattage you buy and the size of your tank, your Bearded Dragon will get the warmth they need.

For instance, the heat is so strong that it comes with a silicone cover to wrap around the bulb’s metal. This way, if you or your Beardie gets too close to it, it shouldn’t burn you.

However, the light is dim. So, during the day it won’t be too bright. However, the light will be perfect for the night.

Unfortunately, this light doesn’t provide UVA or UVB rays, so you’ll need another bulb to provide that. Also, this heat light is expensive, so use your best judgment on whether or not this is a good option for your Beardie.

Luckily, it fits most lamp fixtures, but it might not last as long as you want.

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How Long Does The Best Heat Bulb For Bearded Dragon Last?

Ideally, a heat bulb will last up to six months. Of course, every bulb is different, and some might last longer, or they might burn out quicker. However, six months is the average.

Just in case, you should also have backup bulbs at the ready.

How Can I Tell If My Bearded Dragon Is Too Cold?

If your Bearded Dragon is too cold in its terrarium, then it won’t be able to digest its food properly.

For instance, the food will get stuck in their digestive tract, causing impaction. Thus, your Bearded Dragon gets sick.

In addition, if your Beardie is too cold a lot, they could also get an upper respiratory infection.

However, if the tank gets cold once in a while or for short periods, that will be okay. So your Bearded Dragon can last in the cold for a little bit of time.

But you want to make sure they’re at the ideal temperature about 98% of the time.

So, what happens when your Bearded Dragons get too cold?

Their metabolism will slow down. Thus, they’ll stop eating their food and become lethargic. If you notice this behavior, it’s time to check and adjust the temperature as needed.

Otherwise, your Beardie can get seriously sick. For example, they won’t be able to absorb calcium and get metabolic bone disease. Eventually, if they’re too cold for long periods, they could even die. 

best uvb light for bearded dragons

What Can You Do If There Is A Power Outage?

If the power goes out in your house, your Beardie should be okay for a little bit. However, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case the power is out for a while. 

For instance, you can use a timer to control the basking light. These timers have an internal battery that can still provide a little bit of heat, even without power.

Otherwise, you can take your Beardie out of their tank and cuddle with them for some skin-to-skin contact. 

If you’re able to prepare a heated water bottle, that would be a good option for them as well.

Finally, you can try hand warmers. These provide heat for 45 minutes to about an hour. You can use a couple of them under a small towel, making a warm bed for your Beardie.  


There are many basking bulb options for Bearded Dragons. Once you know the proper wattage and consider your Beardie’s tank size, choosing a bulb will be a piece of cake.

It might take some trial and error at first, but this list is a great place to start.

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