How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

How Much Should Pugs Weigh Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Pugs are opportunistic furry friends that tend to munch on anything in their reach. Therefore, weight management is a pain in the neck for pet owners. Hence, we have discussed how much should pugs weigh under different scenarios.

How Much Should Pugs Weigh Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Can Dog Food Allergies Cause Weight Gain?

It is often noticed that allergies to dog food are a major cause of weight gain. Unlike humans, pugs can also suffer from grain and gluten allergies, leading to health problems and weight gain. Therefore, feeding pugs with hypoallergenic dog foods is ideal if you are afraid that your pug weighs.

Also, knowing that overweight pugs will be less active is essential, so you must regularly monitor your pug’s weight.

Pug Growth Stages and Ideal Weight

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Puppy Stage (0-6 months)

Healthy weight for newborn pugs (0-2 months) ranges between 2-5 lbs (0.9-2.3 kg). The weight gain expected at this stage of the pug’s life is approximately double in the next seven to ten days. However, their weight gain is five ounces a week from six weeks onwards.

As time passes and they reach the age of 2-4 months, the pug’s weight must be around 5-10 lbs (2.3-4.5 kg). How much should pugs weigh ideally by six months of their life is approximated as 10-14 lbs (4.5-6.4 kg).

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Adolescent Stage (6-12 Months)

As they approach becoming adult pugs, they also tend to reach their final size—however, pugs’ weight increases until the adult year. Pugs weigh around 14-18 lbs (6.4-8.2 kg). However, the average weight and size vary from dog to dog.

Adult Stage (1-8 Years)

A healthy pug has a healthy weight; however, the weight varies in male pugs and female pugs. Moreover, it also depends on the exercise and diets the pugs receive. Therefore, an adult pug can weigh around 14-18 lbs (6.4-8.2 kg).

Senior stage (8+ years)

Some vets suggest that the pugs become senior at the age of seven, while some indicate the age of nine. Therefore, the mean age for an old pug for how much pugs should weigh is eight years, and the average weight is 13-20 lbs (5.9-9.1 kg)  as they lose muscle as they age.

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Pug Growth and Weight Chart

AgeStageWeight RangeNotes
0-2 monthsPuppy2-5 lbs (0.9-2.3 kg)Rapid growth; monitor weight closely
2-4 monthsPuppy5-10 lbs (2.3-4.5 kg)Growth slows down; adjust food as needed
4-6 monthsPuppy10-14 lbs (4.5-6.4 kg)Monitor growth and adjust the diet accordingly
6-12 monthsAdolescent14-18 lbs (6.4-8.2 kg)Monitor growth and adjust diet accordingly
1-8 yearsAdult14-18 lbs (6.4-8.2 kg)Ideal weight range; maintain with exercise
8+ yearsSenior13-20 lbs (5.9-9.1 kg)Weight may vary; monitor health closely

Please note that this chart provides a general pug growth and weight guideline. The ideal weight for each pug may vary based on individual factors, such as genetics, activity level, and overall health. It’s essential to work closely with your veterinarian to determine the best weight for your pug and make adjustments to their diet and exercise routine as needed.

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Factors Affecting Pug Weight

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health! Roxanne_and_Rahllo_on_the_armrest


How much should pug weigh also depends on their genetics, apart from the fact that they love eating. Genetics play a vital role in a pug’s weight and whether the pug is overweight or they lose weight. Pugs may exercise a lot and still be fat.

Diet and Nutrition

How much should pugs weigh also depends on their daily diet and nutrition. If you serve them with snacks now and then, you may have an obese pug. Moreover, pugs feed themselves on table scraps; therefore, keeping an eagle’s eye on their weight is essential.

Exercise and Activity Levels

Pugs are known as couch potatoes; therefore, pug obesity is the main concern for every small dog breed owner. Hence, how much should pug weigh depends on their activity. Thus, daily exercise of at least thirty minutes helps the pug maintain a healthy weight.

Health Conditions

If your pug has a belly full of worms, it can cause him certain health problems. Eating worms only helps if they eat more than they need. The common reason for a pug’s weight loss journey is its health. Worms and parasites keep them under the weather. Moreover, dental issues also cause pain and hence loss of appetite.

Age and Metabolism

According to the pug’s body condition, their metabolism tapers downwards as they age. Therefore, keeping an eye on how much should pugs weigh is essential. As pugs age, you should consider giving them senior pug food.

How to Determine if Your Pug is Overweight or Underweight

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Body Condition Scoring

Body condition score (BCS) tends to show the number of fat pugs. Moreover, it determines whether the pug is overweight or has a healthy weight. However, two scales can be used to measure the ideal pug weight.

One scale measures one to five, while the other measures one to nine. However, according to these scales, the pug’s weight should be three out of five or five out of nine. Moreover, the rib cages and tummy tuck should be felt on palpation.

Rib Check Technique

Why should you be worried about how much should pug weigh? It is because pugs undergo breathing problems feeling under the weather as pugs gain extra weight. Therefore, weight management is essential to keep them alive and kicking.

For a healthy pug, ribs shouldn’t be visible but should be palpable when touched. Moreover, you can also feel their spine and waistline. Furthermore, their tail must also contain a smooth, thin layer of fat.

Waist and Abdominal Tuck

The best way to see the waistline of your furry friend to see how much should pugs weigh is like child’s play. Under normal standing position, look if you see an indentation on its waist; although it may not be well-pronounced, you must be able to identify it.

Nonetheless, if your pug is round or the indentation is not present, there is a chance that you have an obese pug. The obese pug will later have considerable health problems. Hence, keeping an eye on how much should pugs weigh is critical.

Visible Signs of Excess Weight

Other than the BCS or feeling the rib, another way to see how much should pugs weigh is to take a good look at them. See if you can spot fat rolls on their middle area or if their belly and neck have disappeared. Also, see if they appear bloated. 

We have attached a youtube video below. This video will help you understand the health issues pugs face as they gain weight.


Health Risks Associated With Improper Weight

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Joint and Mobility Problems

As the pugs gain extra pounds, health problems do come along. Similarly, joint and mobility issues such as arthritis are common if your pugs overweigh. Obesity implies strain on joints that, in turn, damage the joints rapidly; hence one should know how much should pugs weigh.

Respiratory Problems

Breathing problems are the most common health problems for pugs with extra fat. The extra fat tends to minimize the expansion of the lungs and hence the ailment. Therefore, weight loss management is ideal for pugs.

Heart diseases

Pugs love food; therefore, gaining extra pounds is an easy-peasy task for them. However, excess fat leads to heart diseases in pugs which can be fatal. You may notice pugs coughing and difficulty breathing, and lethargy. Rushing to the vet in the scenario is the best.


Just like other health problems, extra pounds in the pugs also cause Diabetes Mellitus in them. If the pug carries extra weight, the pancreas works hard to produce insulin, leading to diabetes. You may notice increased thirst and urination in pugs with diabetes.

Decreased Life Expectancy

A pug’s life span reduces drastically from eight months to up to two years if the pugs overweigh. Although the diseases and problems pugs suffer due to the extra pounds, their life expectancy is nothing compared to their suffering.

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

The health problems of an underweight pug are equally considered for the extra weight pugs. Some common issues you may encounter are loss of hair, skin and coat allergies, and reduced bone density, making them prone to fractures.

Moreover, muscle weakness and reduced pug life span should not be forgotten. Nonetheless, these health problems are something to worry about if your pug lose weight. However, if the pug gains weight, all these issues vanish. How much should pugs weigh is therefore necessary.

Tips for Managing Your Pug’s Weight

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Providing a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

To help with weight management, a strict calorie intake is essential. If you feed two percent of the pug’s ideal weight, you may notice the weight loss within no time. Moreover, providing two percent of their body weight every day is impeccable for maintaining their perfect weight.

Ensuring Regular Exercise and Activity

Are your pug lazybones? Then there is a big chance that your pug may gain extra weight. To keep them up and alive, exercise is necessary. Moreover, exercise and activity help maintain weight ranges for the pugs and determine how much should pugs weigh.

Monitoring Your Pug’s Weight and Adjusting Food Intake

Once your pug’s weight loss is successful, you must know what you are feeding them. To make the best of their health, keep track of a healthy diet with strict calorie intake to prevent pug obesity. Moreover, controlling portion sizes ready helps avoid hassle later.

Consulting With Your Veterinarian

A brief consultation with the vet is essential if you’ve ruled out the extra fat, tried the weight loss techniques, or noticed a sudden weight gain. The vet may examine the pugs for possible underlying diseases and guide how much should pugs weigh.

Conclusion: How Much Should Pugs Weigh

How Much Should Pugs Weigh? Find the Perfect Range for Health!

Pugs are adorable furry friends one wants to pet at their home. Pugs are prone to weight gain. Female pugs weigh less than male pugs. The owners, however, should be vigilant for possible health concerns and how much should pugs weigh.

If you keep track of their food intake and daily exercise, the pugs enjoy the joys of the spring. However, how much should pugs weigh can be discussed with a vet. Moreover, it ensures that the pug puppies have a blast.

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