Pug in a Rug: Keep Your Home Clean with Diapers for Pugs

Pug in a Rug: Keep Your Home Clean with Diapers for Pugs

Caring for a disabled or a senior pug requires a heart of gold. Caring for pugs may be challenging, specifically when they go under the weather, such as UTIs and diarrhea. To help you with the problems, diapers for pugs may be the savior.

Pug in a Rug: Keep Your Home Clean with Diapers for Pugs

Incontinence, in general, is a deal breaker for pug owners. If the pug cannot control their bowel and bladder movements, many pug owners put down the pugs or keep them out of the house. This in itself is, however, something more than death for a pug.

Diapers for pugs are designed to address issues in pugs. The issues can be urinary incontinence or diarrhea. Diapers and bands can be used to help with these issues. What’s the benefit of diapers for pugs? They regain the freedom to roam around the house.

Can Pugs Wear Diapers Through the Night?

Allowing your pugs to wear diapers overnight may not be the best of both worlds. Wearing diapers for extended periods may cause discomfort and even rash to your pugs.

Types of Diapers for Pugs

Keep Your Home Clean with Diapers for Pugs


When you opt for disposable diapers for pugs, you must ensure the comfort of your pug. Moreover, the diaper must be adjustable for the right fit. However, disposable diapers come with elastic gathers, which allow proper fit to protect from leakage.

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Disposable diapers for pugs can also be used for female pugs in heat or during potty training. Diapers are often used in post-surgical care for pugs to manage urinary incontinence.


Do you want an environment-friendly alternative to diapers for pugs? Washable cloth diapers may be your go-to. The fabric diapers have a soft exterior lined with a delicate mesh liner to absorb and protect the leaks.

Diapers for Male Pugs

Diapers for pugs, especially for males, are belly bands intended to collect urine only. However, these go around the belly and do not cover the whole back area of the pugs. The diapers for male pugs are also called male dog wraps, diaper wraps, or pee bands.

Human Diapers for Dogs

While discussing diapers for pugs, one asks if human baby diapers can be used on pugs or not. The answer might be similar to getting blood out of a stone, as it is difficult to say whether it will work out for your pug.

The chemicals in the pampers might irritate the pug’s skin leading to unwanted pain and discomfort. Moreover, the fit of human diapers is different from the diapers for pugs. Hence, it is better not to use human diapers for pugs.

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Choosing the Right Size of Diapers for Pugs

Keep Your Home Clean with Diapers for Pugs

Pug Diapers Size

Considering their weight is essential to determine the correct size of pug diapers. Moreover, their gender and medical conditions are vital for adequate diaper size. Male pugs often require one size larger to accommodate their natural anatomy.

Pug in a Rug Keep Your Home Clean with Diapers for Pugs

Dog Diaper Size Chart

Try on a few sizes before getting the best-fit diapers for pugs. A size chart is attached below to help you understand the ideal size for your pugs. See if this size chart lets you get the right size diapers for pugs.

SizeWaistDiaper Length
XS10”-12” (25-30 CM)3 1/2″ (9 cm )
S12”-14” (30-35 cm)5” (13cm)
M14”-16” (35-40 cm)6 1/2” (17 cm)
L16”-18” (40-45 cm)8” (20 cm)

How to Measure the Pug’s Waist

To measure the waist of your pug, get a strip of paper and place it around the belly of your pug. However, you must be sure that the measurement is taken from the smallest part of the belly. Mark the spot and measure it with the ruler.

How to Use Diapers for Pugs – Step by Step Guide

Keep Your Home Clean with Diapers for Pugs

How to Get a Dog Diaper to Stay on a Pug

Do you struggle to keep the diapers stay put on your pugs? We’ve got you covered. We’ll guide you through how to keep the diapers for pugs in place and avoid the hassle of cleaning the mess they create with all those leaking diapers.

Belly Bands

What is a belly band? It is a thick strap of fabric that wraps around the pug’s waist. Moreover, it is secured with velcro at each end to keep it intact. However, belly bands may be ideal for male dogs, and unless your dog is full of the joys of spring, it remains unchanged.

Canine Suspenders

Canine suspenders are a harness that fits on the torso of your pug. It can do so with the help of velcro and buckles. However, some suspenders clip directly to the diapers of pugs to keep them tight.

We attached a video below to help you with an idea of putting the diapers for pugs on and keeping them in place. Do go through the video and learn how to adjust it.



Short or no-sleeve baby onesies can also do wonders if your pug is small enough. You only have to put the diaper in place and button up the onesie from the back. Onesies will help keep the diaper for pugs in place and prevent leakage.

Modified Underwears

How can you get modified underwear? It’s an easy peasy task. Just get hold of boys’ underwear, one size smaller than the waist of your pug, and cut a hole for the tail at the desired area. Put the diaper on, and up goes the underwear.

Using a Tape

If none of the above works or is a hassle, get a masking tape and tape the tabs to ensure the tabs are in place. It will protect the diapers for pugs from accidental opening, and hence you can protect your house from unwanted leakage of their urine or stools.

Conclusion – Keeping Your Home Clean and Your Pug Healthy with Diapers.

Pugs are one of the most beloved brachycephalic dog breeds we know. But when it comes to caring for them, it might be a hassle for the owners, especially the senior pugs. They are often seen with UTIs and incontinence, and here comes the role of diapers for pugs.

These common issues within a pug can never be ignored, and using diapers offers peace of mind for you. Moreover, you won’t need to work around the clock cleaning the house of leaks from the pugs. Hence, invest in quality diapers for pugs to keep them alive and kicking.

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