Snug as a Pug: Top 5 Best Beds for Pugs

Snug as a Pug: Top 5 Best Beds for Pugs

Pugs are lovable, quirky, and adorable companions that quickly steal our hearts with their playful antics and wrinkly faces. As a Pug owner, you want to ensure that your furry friend is happy, healthy, and comfortable, and that includes providing them with a high-quality bed to rest and recharge. 

Snug as a Pug: Top 5 Best Beds for Pugs

However, with so many options available, choosing the right bed for your Pug’s unique needs can be overwhelming and confusing. To help you out, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 5 best beds for Pugs that are both comfortable and durable. 

So, whether you’re a new Pug parent or looking to upgrade your pup’s sleeping quarters, read on for our expert recommendations.

Can Pugs Sleep in Your Bed?

Pugs can sleep with you in your bed; however, it is not recommended as human beds are not designed to provide comfort to pugs. Therefore, the pug’s joints may suffer pain. Moreover, a safe space is ideal, especially in a large household.
Human beds often disrupt sleep quality in pugs; therefore, having a dog bed is highly recommended. You may also find your pug snoring out loud, which affects your sleep. Hence, laying your hands on the best beds for pugs is essential.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bed for Your Pug

Best Beds for Pugs

Size and Dimensions

Considering the size of beds for pugs is the first and foremost thing you must do when bringing a pug home. However, getting a large bed for the pugs is not recommended. See how your pug intends to sleep. Some dogs sleep curled up, while some stretch and sleep on their bellies.

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If your pug sleeps curled up, getting a round or basket-type elevated bed for them is recommended. Choosing the best dog beds for your pug puppies is suitable as they support their joints and ensure sound sleep.

Comfort and Support

Each dog prefers different surfaces to sleep on. Some like to have a giant bed for restful sleep. Does your pug love to sleep on a memory foam mattress? Then get the best pug dog bed recommended for you.

Often, young pugs prefer sleeping on memory foam, making it their comfy bed, while senior pugs enjoy being on orthopedic memory foam. Therefore, keeping in mind the dog’s body shape and requirements is an important decision.

Durability and Quality

If your pug chews everything he finds in his way, a dog bed with a mesh center is ideal. While a senior pug may prefer bolster beds to support the pug’s head. Moreover, getting a machine washable cover on the best dog beds for pugs is critical.

Always consider the temperament of your pug before taking any decision into account. Getting a sturdy foam base dog bed might be your go-to if your pug chews and hits the paws on furniture. 

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning a good dog bed must be like child’s play. Moreover, it should have a water-resistant liner to keep senior pugs alive and kicking. Furthermore, pugs drool a lot; hence, you might need a dog bed you don’t need to clean like clockwork.

The top cover of the pug dog beds should be removable and machine washable to prevent pugs from allergies. For machine-washable beds, you can also put the entire bed in the machine for washing and let it do the dirty work.

Style and Design

Getting a simple bed might be fun for your furry friend initially, but the flat mattress may cause bone and joint problems later. Moreover, pugs won’t enjoy a restful sleep. Therefore, investing in a high-quality bed, such as a donut bed or bolster-style bed, is ideal.

A bed that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use is a plus. You may want your pug to enjoy the weather with you while it lays on the best dog bed you’ve bought for them. The companion dogs are known as couch potatoes and love to have their spot to relax.

A link to a youtube video is attached below. Look for yourselves for the best type of dog bed you might want to invest in.

How To Choose the Perfect Dog Bed

Top 5 Best Beds for Pugs

Best Beds for Pugs

Here is a list of the Top 5 Best Beds for Pugs. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Big Barker Dog Bed

Big Barker Dog Bed: Best Beds for Pugs

Here we have the Features, Pros, and Cons of Big Barker Dog Bed, one of the Best Beds for Pugs.


Having your bed for a pug that offers comfort and peaceful sleep is always a cherry on top for pugs. The dog bed is made in the USA and offers a size to fit a Great Dane. Moreover, it comes with a ten-year warranty and a year’s money-back guarantee.

The foam in the pug beds comes in a three-layer sandwich, where the outer layer is softer while keeping the inner layer for support. One major thing it offers is reduced pain, joint function, and quality of life. Don’t believe us? There’s a study on it.

High-quality and water-resistantIt may cost an arm and leg
Offers ten years warrantyLimited color options
Supportive for pug’s headCollects fur on the dog bed

2. Casper Dog Bed

Casper Dog Bed

Here we have the Features, Pros, and Cons of Casper Dog Bed, one of the Best Beds for Pugs.


Casper has its name and fame for high-quality human beds. Therefore, one might also consider purchasing a Casper dog bed for their pug puppies. Although it comes in different sizes, you may opt for the one that is ideal as the best dog bed for pugs.

The dog bed can be washed in a machine. Moreover, it comes with a removable cover that can be washed too. However, taking the covers off is a hassle, but it provides a clean environment for the pugs to sleep on.

Machine washable with removable coversIt doesn’t offer adequate neck support
It comes in a variety of sizes

3. Pet Fusion Memory Foam Bed

Pet Fusion Memory Foam Bed: Best Beds for Pugs

Here we have the Features, Pros, and Cons of Pet Fusion Memory Foam Bed, one of the Best Beds for Pugs.


The Pet Fusion comes with a memory foam mattress with recycled polyfill bolsters on the sides. Therefore, it fulfills your pug’s memory foam comfort and bolster-style bed requirement. The best dog beds are those that are bolster beds.

The best bed covers for pugs are made of cotton and polyester blend. The covers are also machine washable and breathable, allowing air to flow underneath and onto the mattress.

The bolster bed supports joints and neck.It may cost you kidneys.
Memory foam with washable coversIf your pug chews on everything, it may not be safe for them.
Waterproof barrier

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

Here are the Features, Pros, and Cons of BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed, one of the Best Beds for Pugs.


This orthopedic dog bed comes in one size only, unfortunately. Mainly it is recommended for medium and large dogs. However, the orthopedic dog bed is good if you house multiple dogs and intend to keep one dog bed at home.

The orthopedic dog bed has a quilted design to add extra comfort and appearance. It holds four inches of solid orthopedic foam with bolsters stuffed with cotton. Moreover, it is lined with a non-skid bottom, which is essential if you have laminated flooring.

Furthermore, cleaning is not a pain in the neck, as removing the covers is easy while you can wash them in the machine. However, rubbing off the pet’s shed is also an easy-peasy task to do.

Can hold up to hundred pounds of weightIt comes in standard size only
It comes with orthopedic foam

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed:

Here are the Features, Pros, and Cons of the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, one of the Best Beds for Pugs.


Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed offers solid memory foam that supports the joints and is ideal for pugs with hip dysplasia. Moreover, these are a kind of bolster beds that allow support to the pug’s head. The bolsters are, however, filled with recycled polyfill.

The memory foam mattress is also lined with a nonskid bottom; hence if your pug is full of joys of springs and jumps onto the bed, it may not slide back. Therefore, it is a kind of safety feature for your pug.

Do you like to have a dog bed that matches your lounge interior? You’ll be glad it comes in three colors and offers four sizes. So, you can easily select the dog bed according to your liking and your pug’s comfort.

Dense memory foam supports pugs with hip dysplasia and other joint problemsOverzealous pugs can damage it
It is water resistant and machine washableCleaning the dog shed is a hassle for the material it offers.
Offers twelve-month warranty for manufacturer defect

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Choosing the right dog bed for your pugs may be a task. However, one must not overlook the comfort, material, quality, and cost. If you are not ready to break the bank for the best dog bed for the pug, you may often rush to the vet for possible joint problems in pugs.

However, bolster-style beds are recommended because they considerably support the neck and joints of the pugs. Having the best dog bed for pugs keeps them alive, and they prefer sleeping there instead of on human beds with you.

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