Top 7 Best Shampoos for Pugs: Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 7 Best Shampoos for Pugs: Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Pugs are one of the cutest pet dogs with beautiful skin folds, as we all know. However, these brachycephalic dog breeds require utmost care because of their sensitive skin. Therefore, it might be a nightmare for new pug owners if their dogs get itchy skin. Also, choosing the right product, like dog shampoos, may take time and effort. So for your ease, we’ve listed the best shampoos for pugs in the article.

Top 7 Best Shampoos for Pugs: Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Usually, laying your hands on dog shampoo is a minor deal; however, when discussing pugs, one has to be extra cautious otherwise, your furry friend can get skin allergies. Pugs are known to have sensitive skin; therefore, choosing the best shampoos for pugs is essential.

Do I Have to use Cold Water to Bathe my Pug?

Pugs are sensitive to temperatures, and rumors circulate that cold water is ideal for them to bathe. But only some people know that pugs are uncomfortable with too cold water. However, hot water may burn their skin leading to irritability.

Pugs are known as sensitive dogs; therefore, you must be careful when bathing them. The ideal temperature is neither cold nor hot. However, the water temperature must be lukewarm but more on the cooler side.

The Best Shampoos for Pugs: Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Shampoos for Pugs: pug

Hepper Oatmeal Dog Shampoo – Best Overall

While discussing the best dog shampoo for pugs, Hepper oatmeal dog shampoo is the best treatment for your pug. The scent and lather are outstanding. Moreover, the ingredients it holds are gentle for the skin.

Hepper Oatmeal Dog Shampoo – Best Shampoos for Pugs

Above all, this gentle shampoo works well with all types of skin. This shampoo in the list of best pug shampoos offers deep cleaning with a residue-free finish. This is the best shampoo for pugs.

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FURminator Ultra Dog Pug Shampoo – Best Value

Does your pug shed a lot? Then the shampoo under consideration from the list of best shampoos for pugs may be your go-to. The Furminator dog shampoo is known to reduce shedding and does not cost an arm and leg to you.

FURminator Ultra Dog Pug Shampoo – Best Value: Best Shampoos for Pugs

The ingredients in the shampoo include the extracts of papaya leaves, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and sunflower seed oil. Moreover, shampoo promotes a healthy coat and skin. However, the shampoo is meant to be left for ten minutes to be effective. This is also the best pug shampoo.

Healthy Breeds Pug Dog Shampoo – Premium Choice

The shampoo by healthy breeds, while we discuss the best shampoos for pugs, is a fantastic product for sensitive skin. However, it may break the bank for you, but it does the job well.

Healthy Breeds Pug Dog Shampoo – Premium Choice: Best Shampoos for Pugs

The shampoo cleans, moisturizes, and restores luster on the pug’s fur, making everyone die for it. The oatmeal and aloe vera ingredients relieve itchy skin. Moreover, the shampoo is alcohol-free, therefore, can be used at your convenience.

Puracy Natural Dog Shampoo

Puracy claims that their shampoos are tested on humans to ensure moisturizing and deep cleaning by the shampoo. Moreover, the shampoo in the list of best pug shampoos offers a balanced pH that avoids skin irritation.

Puracy Natural Dog Shampoo: Best Shampoos for Pugs

The shampoo is free of irritant materials such as sulfates, paraben, and perfumes. Moreover, it consists of zinc, biotin, and coco glycinate, which are known to improve fur and skin health. Nonetheless, shampoo is known to be made from plants and minerals.

Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo

Are you looking for the best shampoos for pugs? Earthbath shampoos are made from natural products that ensure the healthy skin of your pug. Moreover, it has aloe vera and oatmeal as the critical ingredients in the shampoo, hence known as gentle, non-irritating shampoo.

Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo: Best Shampoos for Pugs

Does your pug have dry and itchy skin? The shampoo helps remoisturize the pug’s skin to avoid irritability. It offers a soft vanilla scent that you can feel for a few days. You can also use the formula for pugs aged six weeks.

4Legger Organic Dog Shampoos

As we discussed above, this product, too on the list of best pug shampoos, is alcohol-free. Moreover, it is hypo-allergenic, with lemongrass and aloe as the byproducts. Lemongrass is a natural alternative to cleaning your pup instead of using soap.

4Legger Organic Dog Shampoos: Best Shampoos for Pugs

Lemongrass offers antifungal and antibacterial properties that help destroy bacteria, causing a pungent smell in the pug. You will be amazed that the shampoo also has some pest-repellent properties. Above all, you need just a drop of shampoo in each bath.

Burt’s Bees Natural Hydrating Shampoo

Are you tight on budget and want something other than a shampoo that costs kidneys to you? Burt’s Bees shampoos can be an excellent alternative for you. The shampoo is suitable for most breeds of canines without costing you an arm and a leg.

Burt's Bees Natural Hydrating Shampoo: Best Shampoos for Pugs

The shampoo offers moisturizing properties that keep the pug’s fur healthy. Oat in the shampoo helps reduce irritability, whereas green tea extracts ensure healthy hair growth. Moreover, pH is adequately balanced, which prevents skin irritation and sensitivity.

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Your Pug

Best Shampoos for Pugs

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shampoo for Your Pug

Pugs have many skin infections now and then because they have very sensitive skin. Even the slightest of allergies or skin irritations may lead to a week’s suffering with the rash. Moreover, the rashes are often itchy, and you may find your pug scratching the area, which damages the skin manifold.

Best Shampoos for Pugs

Getting your hands on the gentlest and most natural shampoos is the foremost thing to be done. Look for products that do not use soap and other chemicals that may irritate the skin. Using a product that soothes and moisturizes the skin may be a plus.


Ingredients of the shampoo matter a lot while we discuss the best shampoos for pugs because it is a sensitive dog breed. However, looking for the best suitable shampoo is no rocket science. But one must keep in mind that the more ingredients, the more chances of irritation. In addition, some ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

Some ingredients promote healthy skin and fur, such as Vitamin E. Therefore, one should look for the best ingredients in a shampoo, regardless of the price. However, keeping track of potential allergic products is essential. 

Moisturizing and Deodorizing Properties

When we talk about pugs and the best shampoos for pugs, we must be sure to look for a shampoo that offers a good scent. The pug must smell like it came out of roses. The pugs often stink as someone dies in the fur; therefore, a good scent shampoo is ideal.

Each shampoo offers a scent to your pug; however, not all shampoos suit well with your pug. Some shampoos may irritate the pug’s skin, while the same shampoo may not irritate the skin of another pug, so you must err on the side of caution before using a product on them.

Price and Guarantee

When we shop for our pets, we often overlook the price tags, but we should choose a product that doesn’t come too costly. Similarly, remember the bottle size when looking for the best shampoos for pugs.

Often smaller bottles cost less, but in the long run, they cost more as you need to buy them occasionally. Moreover, keep track of the price on each purchase and see if it offers value worth the price. A product that’s cheap now will be affordable later too.

Tips for Bathing Your Pug

Best Shampoos for Pugs: pug in cloth

How Often Should You Bathe Your Pug?

The bathing schedule of pugs has been the most debated topic. However, confusion arises because pugs are known to have skin issues and often suffer from malodor from the thick coat.

The stench the pugs create gives the impression that they need a bath like clockwork. However, this is different. Regular bathing further leads to skin issues. Therefore bathing them once every three weeks is fine.

Moreover, bathing them every five to six weeks is also a viable option. However, one must keep track of skin irritability and stench formation during the period.

Tips for Keeping Your Pug’s Skin and Coat Healthy

While discussing the best shampoos for pugs, one should also know the tips to keep a pug’s skin and coat healthy. To promote healthy skin, brush the coat thrice a week. Clean the wrinkles to prevent bacterial accumulation at least once a week.

Moreover, clean their eyes regularly as they’re prone to infections from debris and dirt. Cleaning the eyes of the pugs once daily is an essential part of your brachycephalic dog breed’s routine. Above all, you should trim their nails every six to eight weeks.

To help you understand the pug’s care routine, we have attached a link to the youtube video below. Do watch it to learn more about the pugs.

Watch this video: Top 7 Best Shampoos for Pugs

Conclusion- Best Shampoos for Pugs

As pet parents/ pug owners, you are always worried about your beloved pug. You may find several options in the market, but you don’t need any shampoo but ‘the best shampoo for pugs.’ The ideal and best shampoos for pugs are those that do not irritate the skin and fur and come in a friendly money range. Moreover, it should promote healthy growth of the hair of the pug.

Best Shampoos for Pugs: pug standing on grass

However, be organized and set all your supplies in one place before you take the pug for a bath. Dog shampoos must be moisturizing and free of harsh chemicals. Nonetheless, a brief discussion with a vet may be essential if you have any doubts.

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