Traveling With Bearded Dragons

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If you have a Bearded Dragon, you know how much it can be part of the family. They’re versatile and enjoy being around their owners, so it’s easy to bring your Beardie places with you. On the other hand, there are places you have to go with your Bearded Dragon, such as going to the vet. So, how do you travel with your Bearded Dragon?

Traveling With Bearded Dragons

In this article, we’ll give a detailed answer about traveling with Bearded Dragons, how to transport a Bearded Dragon to the vet, traveling in a car or on a plane. In addition, we’ll share the importance of having a Bearded Dragon travel cage and some of the best options to transport your lizard.

Traveling With Bearded Dragons

Most of the time, you won’t need to bring your Bearded Dragon anywhere with you. However, short trips do occur. For example, you’ll need to get your Beardie to the vet once in a while.

Most of the time, Bearded Dragons aren’t a fan of change. They may enjoy wandering around the room or even outside on a leash. However, going to a new place is stressful. Being in a car might be stressful as well, especially for the first time.

So, how can you safely travel with your Bearded Dragon?

Preparing Your Bearded Dragon For Travel

If your Bearded Dragon has never traveled before (aside from being brought home from the pet store, of course), then you’ll want to introduce it to them slowly.

Your Beardie may not enjoy the change of scenery, and traveling could stress them out. So, when you buy their traveling case (or make one yourself), be sure to introduce the travel case for bearded dragon to them a week before traveling.

For example, you can leave it in the room, and when your Beardie is out wandering, you can introduce the case to them.

They might not be interested at first, but take it slow. Put blankets and maybe a toy or two inside the traveling cage. To get them to go in for a minute, you can toss a couple of food pieces.

Make their travel case as comfortable and homey as possible so it won’t seem like they’re being put in a cage.

Of course, the first trip might still be stressful, but at least they’ll be in a familiar space.

Things You’ll Need For Your Trip

No matter how long you’ll be gone, you want to make sure that your Beardie will have everything they need to get through the trip safely.

For example, be sure to pack enough of the following:

  • Heating packs
  • Food
  • Supplements
  • Water
  • Heat and UV lighting
  • A harness and leash
  • Toys

Even if you’re going on a relatively short trip, traffic can sometimes get in the way. So, you need to make sure that you have enough food, water, heat, and UV to keep your Beardie safe and healthy throughout the trip.

You can also add a toy or two to their carrier if they get bored during the ride. Bringing the harness is a good idea as well if you need to take a rest stop. You and your Bearded Dragon can stretch your legs together.

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Short Trips

If you’re going on a quick trip, then you can do one of two things. First, you can create a makeshift carrier for your Beardie that will keep them stable and safe for a quick trip. Second, if you have a carrier for them already, you can simply use what you bought.

Again, be sure to introduce your Bearded Dragon to the traveling case a few days before the trips.

If the weather is warm and the trip is only about five minutes, you can even leave your Bearded Dragon out.

This will work best if you have another person going with you so they can hold your Beardie in the front seat. You’ll still need to bring the case for when you go inside the vet’s office. Also, if you notice your Beardie getting too stressed out, you can put them in the traveling case.

However, some Beardies enjoy looking out the window at home. So, they might be intrigued by looking out the window while driving.

Medium To Long Trips

Depending on the length of time, you can use your best judgment on what you need to bring for your Bearded Dragon.

For instance, if the trip is a couple of hours, then they’ll most likely be okay without food for that time. As long as they can have their feeding time when they arrive at their destination and then properly bask afterward. 

If you’re traveling much longer than that, you’ll need to make sure you can set up a proper basking area. Again, this needs to be a basking lamp and not a heating pad.

Otherwise, if you feed your Beardie while traveling and don’t have a proper basking spot, they won’t be able to digest their food correctly. Thus, they’ll get sick on the trip.

Luckily, there are different types of traveling cases and travel terrarium for bearded dragon options you can get. 

Always Monitor Your Bearded Dragon

It’s not just about keeping your Beardie safe in the car and ensuring they’re not stressed and comfortable. There are other factors involved, such as being in a car for a long time and the weather.

If you’re traveling with your Beardie in the summer and it’s warm enough, your Bearded Dragon should be okay in the car for a little while. Also, you can pull over at a rest stop and let them get some natural sun in their harness for a few minutes. 

On the other hand, if you’re traveling in the winter, you need to ensure your Bearded Dragon is as warm as they can be in their travel terrarium. In addition, make sure the heat is on in the car and, if you have seat warmers, turn that on low so your Beardie can get some extra heat that way.

No matter the weather or temperature outside, it is never okay to leave your Bearded Dragon in the car by themselves, no matter for how long.

Making A Bearded Dragon Travel Carrier

There are plenty of travel cases you can buy from the store for your Bearded Dragon. However, you can easily make your own that can be suitable for a short or medium trip.

You can find a box that will be big enough to hold your Bearded Dragon with enough room for them to wriggle around a bit. However, you don’t want them to be cramped for the whole trip.

Make sure the box has plenty of ventilation. For example, poke a bunch of holes in the top and all sides of the box.

Inside the box, place blankets with heating pads or hot water bottles underneath them to create a heated Bearded Dragon carrier. It will give your Beardie enough heat to keep them warm for the trip, and the blankets will also provide comfort.

Finally, if space allows, you can place a toy or two inside the box with your Beardie. They might play a little to pass the time. 

Buying A Bearded Dragon Carrier

Travel Case 1: Carrier Bag For Small Animals

This particular product is a great Bearded Dragon travel case. It’s large enough to hold your Beardie among other small animals.

In addition, it’s well-ventilated from the top and the sides. So, you can keep an eye on your Beardie, and they have a window to look out of.

The best part about this carrier is that it’s easy to clean. If Beardie has an accident during travel, you can simply hand wash the carrier with warm water and soap.

Also, you can put blankets inside so that you can put heating pads underneath if needed.

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Travel Case 2: Zilla Reptile Starter Kit

One of the best things you can get for your Bearded Dragon while traveling is a travel terrarium. This Bearded Dragon travel tank is a miniature version of their home.

It’s small enough to fit safely in your car on a seat so it can be buckled in. However, it’s large enough to fit your Bearded Dragon. Depending on the size of your Beardie, you can get this travel tank for bearded dragon in a few different sizes.

This terrarium comes with everything you need from decor to lighting, including heat and UV lights. So, you can be sure that your Beardie will be safe on your trip for a few hours.

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Travel Case 3: Portable Reptile Terrarium Habitat

On the outside, it looks like an empty plastic bin. However, it’s large enough for you to customize for your Beardie’s needs.

There are plenty of ventilation holes for your Bearded Dragon to breathe out of. Also, it comes in a couple of colors so that your Beardie can look out from the inside.

While there isn’t room for a heat lamp or UV light, you can put blankets inside with heating pads or a hot water bottle underneath.

This Bearded Dragon travel enclosure is also big enough to fit your Beardie as well as be buckled on a seat in a car.

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Check out this What to do with Your Bearded Dragon While on Vacation video:

How To Travel With A Bearded Dragon In A Car

When traveling in a car, be sure to have all the necessary items your Bearded Dragon needs in order to travel well.

For example, bring a proper enclosure with heating pads and blankets. This will keep them warm and comfortable.

If the weather is warm enough, you can leave the top of the box open. Your Beardie might be curious about what’s going on and might want to watch outside the window.

On the other hand, some Beardies might be too stressed out at the idea of travel, so they’ll prefer to stay inside their closure.

If you’re traveling with another person, make sure they’re holding onto the traveling case or are sitting beside it if it’s too big. Otherwise, make sure you buckle up the traveling case.

How To Travel With A Bearded Dragon On A Plane

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to travel with a Bearded Dragon on a plane. You should only do so if the airline allows you to have your Beardie in the cabin with you. Unfortunately, the cargo area is unpressurized and won’t have enough heat for your Beardie. Also, only bring them on a plane in the cabin with you if it’s a short flight of no more than an hour.

On the plane, you won’t be able to feed your Beardie or give them the proper lighting and heat they need. Overall, it’ll be uncomfortable and stressful for your Bearded Dragon. It’s best to avoid plane travel. If you have to take a plane somewhere, have someone you trust (and someone your Bearded Dragon knows) to stay at home with your lizard.

Top Tips For Traveling With A Bearded Dragon

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When traveling with Bearded Dragon, there are some precautions you’ll want to take. But, even if it’s a short trip and depending on the weather, here’s what you can do to make the traveling as easy as possible for both you and your scaly friend.

Skip Feeding For A Day

If you’re not able to give your Bearded Dragon an ample basking spot during travel then skip feeding your Beardie the day before you travel.

This will give your lizard plenty of time to digest its food the day before without adding more food to it. Then they’ll be okay during the ride.

Warm Up The Car

Especially if it’s chilly outside, start your car and warm it up before bringing your Beardie into the car.

Since they’re used to warmer temperatures, heading into a cold car will be a shock to your lizard.

Drive Safely And Buckle Your Bearded Dragon

If you don’t have a passenger, then it’s important to buckle up your Bearded Dragon’s travel case. Also, be sure to drive as carefully as possible. Accelerating too quickly may jolt your Beardie and stress them out.

Check On Your Bearded Dragon As Often As Possible

If you have a clean travel case, this shouldn’t be too hard. You’ll be able to tell if your Beardie is stressed or not based on their body language.

However, if they’re in a makeshift box then be sure to take a peek at them once in a while. It will also help them to know that you’re still around. 

Get Them To Their Habitat Immediately Upon Arrival

Before unpacking anything else from the car, make sure you get your Bearded Dragon out first. Then, bring them straight to their habitat at home.

Not only will this be a familiar place for them, but it’ll also give them the correct heat and lighting. As a result, they can regulate their body temperature again and begin to relax. 

Keep Travel Few And Far Between

Even though some Bearded Dragons might enjoy car rides and be intrigued by looking out the window, it’s not healthy for them. The weather outside and not having access to their proper heating and UV lights in their tank isn’t good.

So, make sure that you only bring your Bearded Dragon on travels with you once in a while. For example, they’ll only need to go to the vet about once a year. If you take them on vacation, make sure it’s far enough apart from anything else.

Otherwise, your Beardie might get too stressed and won’t be able to regulate their body temperature well. In addition, they’ll appreciate not having their routine disrupted too much.


Overall, it’s easy enough to travel with your Bearded Dragon. But, be sure not to bring them on a plane if you can help it.

When it comes to the car, there’s a lot of caution that comes with it. However, your Bearded Dragon might enjoy the adventure. Just be sure you don’t travel with them too often.

Otherwise, it could be a fun time for the two of you.

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