Transform Your Pug into a Showstopper: The Ultimate Guide to Grooming Pugs

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Pugs are the most endearing dogs one must see. The only purpose of their breeding is to be good companions to humans. Pugs usually become attached to their owners and love hovering around behind them. Therefore grooming pugs is essential in all manners.

Transform Your Pug into a Showstopper The Ultimate Guide to Grooming Pugs

Grooming pugs helps them stay active and healthy. However, pugs are known to shed a lot. Therefore regular brushing of their fur cuts down the shedding to an extent. Spare a few minutes and read this article in detail. The article helps you with some basic insights about grooming pugs.

Do Pugs Shed a lot?

Yes, pugs are frequent shedders and shed prolifically. You’ll notice pug glitter on the bed, couch, car seats, towels, and everywhere the pug goes. Therefore, grooming pugs timely and adequate is necessary.

Understanding Your Pug’s Grooming Needs

Pugs are heavy shedders; therefore, they often require grooming. Grooming pugs do not only include regular bathing, but it also includes brushing their coat, cleaning their eyes and ears, brushing their teeth, and trimming their nails.

One may be concerned that grooming pugs may cost them an arm and a leg. But that’s not the case. Do you need clarification? Just like we groom ourselves, grooming pugs are also similar. Read below to learn some essential tools for grooming pugs.

Deshedding Tool

A de-shedding tool helps remove loose hair from the top coat while grooming pugs. Deshedding should ideally be done in each of their monthly grooming routines.


Brushing the fur of your pug weekly is important. Pugs are shredders, and brushing their coats daily controls the shedding problem.

Flea Comb

Combing your pug’s coat while grooming to check for fleas is necessary. Checking for fleas helps prevent flea infections, especially if you stay where fleas are prevalent.


When grooming pugs, ensure the best suitable shampoo for them as pugs are prone to allergies. Also, look for shampoos that won’t cause any reaction when in contact with their skin.


Conditioners are great for a pleasant after-bath scent from your pug. Moreover, it keeps the fur hydrated and soft. You might love rubbing your pug after its bath and conditioner grooming. You may also get some conditioner that revitalizes dry and damaged coats and skin.

Dog Toothbrush

Taking care of your pug’s teeth is also important. To introduce your pug to brushing, massage its teeth and gums daily for a week. At the same time, doing so, mention brushing and teeth to get familiar with these terms. You can also offer a treat when it remains still during the process.

Dog’s Toothpaste

Once the dog is familiar with brushing from your finger, introduce it with a finger brush but without toothpaste. Wet the brush and rub it on the teeth for a week. Once your pug responds well, you can apply toothpaste and brush their teeth regularly.

Face and Wrinkle Wipes

Inspecting and cleaning the wrinkles while grooming pugs is essential to avoid any dirt and debris accumulation within the wrinkles. Separate each fold, look for debris, and gently clean through the face or eye wipes.

Canine Wipes for Ears

Cleaning the ears while grooming pugs is important every one to two weeks. It would be best if you didn’t do it with water to avoid the growth of fungal infections. Using vet-approved ear cleansing solutions is the best for grooming pugs.

Nose Balm

Nose and palm balm can be soothing when grooming pugs. Often, they might have dry, chapped, and crusty noses, leading to irritation. Using and moisturizing the nose and palms regularly avoids crustiness and irritation altogether.

Grooming Techniques for Pugs

Just like we require bathing every day and grooming now and then, grooming pugs is also essential in the same manner. Grooming pugs includes:

  • Regular bathing.
  • Trimming nails.
  • Brushing their fur.
  • Cleaning the eye and ear area.
  • Regular paw care.


When planning to bathe your pug, fill a tub or bucket with approximately three inches of warm water. If the bucket or tub is slippery, line it with a non-slip mat. It prevents your pug from slipping. Ensure the water should not too hot, as it might irritate the pug’s skin.

 Moreover, running water may drive your pug up to the wall. Therefore fill the water before bringing the pug into the bathing area. A dog shampoo followed by a dog conditioner is essential to avoid dryness and promote hydration post-bathing.

Cleaning of Wrinkles

As much as the pigs are adored for their wrinkles, they tend to remain damp and dark. Therefore the area is ideal for the growth of yeast and bacteria. Pugs are prone to skin infections, mainly on the face and eye region.

It is essential to keep their wrinkles clean and dry to help avoid bacterial growth and infections. Rubbing wrinkles with a towel may irritate the skin; damping it with a clean towel or cloth does the job.

Brushing the Coat While Grooming Pugs

Pugs have thick, dense coats. They also known as heavy shedders. When they shed, due to dense and thick fur, many hairs may accumulate within the fur, which may lead to inadequate airflow. As time passes by, it will give off an unpleasant odor.

So, brushing the coat from the head to the tail region is necessary. A tool that may reach deep down, ensuring the removal of all dead and loose hair, should be used for the task.

Ear Cleaning

When we talk about grooming pugs, cleaning their ears is also critical. Although pugs have pleated drop ears, the ear canal remains covered. But, it also is a medium for accumulating excess ear wax and moisture, which leads to yeast and bacterial infection.

This is why grooming pugs also involves adequate cleaning of their ears. To clean ears, clean the meatus and ear flaps with semi-moist wipes are what should be done. However, if you notice excessive ear wax or infection, visit a vet immediately.

Trimming the Nails While Grooming Pugs

The nails of your pug grow exponentially. Hence they require trimming often. A good time to trim the nails of your pug is when they are deep asleep. Even if they wake up, they’re too exhausted to struggle their way out.

Wait, you might cut the quick nerve near the nail. Be extremely careful when trimming your nails with a clipper to avoid trauma to the nerve. If accidentally done so, apply some septic powder immediately to stop bleeding.

How to bath and deshed your Pug

How Often Should You Groom Your Pug

As we discussed earlier, grooming pugs requires time and effort. It is also a tedious task to do so. But once you’re into it, you’ll love all the grooming and loving your adorable little pug. All the grooming done has a certain schedule discussed below.

Cleaning the wrinkles should be done each day to avoid bacterial formation. Brushing the pugs off fur while shedding should be done at least once a week or as needed, depending on the amount of shed.

Trimming of nails requires every two weeks as the nails grow at rabbit’s pace. But, depending on the habitat and surfaces the pug encounters, it might also be possible that it may need grooming once in six months.

Where brushing is concerned, grooming pugs and brushing their teeth should be done daily for at least three to four minutes. However, cleaning the ears may be needed every one to two weeks. Bathing once every three weeks works well with pugs.

Cleaning the eyes is a critical part and is needed once in the morning and once before bed at night; they’re prone to accumulate debris within the eye folds. Adequate cleaning with wipes and a sterile solution is necessary.

Tips for a Happy, Healthy Pug

A healthy and balanced diet alongside grooming pugs is important for healthy pugs. A diet of lamb, chicken, brown rice, fruits and vegetables, beef bones, eggs, and cheese help promote health and shiny fur.

Just as diet is necessary, self-grooming of pugs is also essential. Pugs tend to clean themselves by licking and nibbling, shaking themselves after waking up to remove dust from their fur and chewing their nails.

These little pets enjoy a gentle walk outside but are not fond of jogging with you. They love to sleep and cuddle on the sofa. Therefore, playing and interacting with them inside in the comfort of your couch is mostly enough.


Grooming pugs timely is the key to promoting their health and energy. It also ensures how they look and feel. Timely trimming of nails, bathing, brushing, and cleaning of ears and eyes all promote health and reduce shedding.

A well-groomed pug is more adorable than one who has been neglected. Step up your game and plan grooming pugs timely. You can also take vet or grooming services for professional grooming pugs services. Visit all our creatures to learn more.

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