What Do Bearded Dragons Do For Fun? [Activities & Toys]

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Bearded Dragons are a lot of fun to have as a pet. They like having fun as well. Beardies have a good personality and enjoy having a good time with their owner. This lizard is versatile and can do many different things. In this article, we’ll discuss fun things to do with Bearded Dragons, from toys and activities to bathing and cuddling.

What Do Bearded Dragons Do For Fun?

What Do Bearded Dragons Do For Fun?

Your Beardie needs to have fun and play daily. It’s enriching for them and keeps them happy. In addition, it’s an excellent way for your and your Beardie to bond with one another.

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Bearded Dragons can have fun with various toys or activities. However, they can also have fun through other methods such as general care, like taking baths.

Here are some fun things to do with a Bearded Dragon.

Toys For Bearded Dragons To Play With

So, what do Bearded Dragons like to do for fun? It might be hard to imagine, but Bearded Dragons enjoy playing with toys.


Beardies enjoy toys similar to what you would buy for your dog or cat. For example, they enjoy playing with balls. Balls are a great source of exercise for your Beardie since they enjoy lunging or attacking the ball.

In addition, you can use this as a bonding moment. Sit on the floor with your Beardie and roll the ball to them. They may roll it back to you, or they may chase it around the room as they try to catch it.

When buying balls for your Bearded Dragon, be sure they’re small and lightweight enough for them to handle.

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Cat Wand

Also, a cat wand is fun for your Bearded Dragon to pay with. As long as it doesn’t have feathers on it (you don’t want your Beardie to eat it), then a cat wand is something fun for them to chase and try to catch.

In addition, you can spend time with your Bearded Dragon by holding the wand and watching your Beardie chase after it.

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Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is also another option. Again, this can be a hit or miss, but your Beardie will surely chase after the laser, believing it to be a bug.

Once you’re done playing with it, end the game by allowing your Bearded Dragon to catch the laser. You can give them a cricket, for example, as a reward. This will ensure your Beardie remains confident in their skills to catch bugs.

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Crinkled Balls

Finally, cats also have crinkled balls as a toy. You can buy one or two of these for your Beardie to bat around. Alternatively, you can gather some wrapping paper and crinkle it up into a ball yourself.

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Activities For Bearded Dragon To Do

Have A Scavenger Hunt

One fun activity you can do with your Beardie is a scavenger hunt. You can create a maze with cardboard or buy cat tunnels from the pet store for your Bearded Dragon to go through.

To make it fun and enticing for them, you can hide bugs or other treats in the tunnel. Your lizard will go through it, trying to find their treasure.

Do Puzzles

Alternatively, you can create a puzzle for your Bearded Dragon. You can use a puzzle cube for dogs or cats or use something as simple as a whiffle ball. Hide bugs or other treats inside and watch as your Bearded Dragons bats it around, trying to get the food out. 

Not only will they get plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation, but they’ll also have a ton of fun.

Go For A Swim

Swimming is another fun activity for them, provided your Beardie enjoys the water. On a warm summer day, you can fill up a plastic kiddie pool with water no higher than your Beardie’s shoulder and let them swim around.

Play In A Ball Pit

Alternatively, if your Beardie doesn’t enjoy the water, you can turn it into a ball pit. This is not a safe activity for baby or juvenile Beardies, but adult Bearded Dragons can have a lot of fun burrowing into the pile of balls.

However, be sure the balls aren’t too deep so your Bearded Dragon can easily walk and push its way through the balls.

Watch TV

In addition, Beardies enjoy watching TV. They’ll be content to sit on the floor or table and watch TV with you. Or, they’ll cuddle with you or wind down with a good movie from inside their terrarium. 

Hunt Bugs

If you have an enclosed pen outside, you can also let some bugs loose on the ground and let your Bearded Dragon go on a hunt. As long as the grass doesn’t have any pesticides on it, it’ll be safe for your Beardie to eat the bugs from the ground.

Go For A Walk

Finally, if it’s a warm day out, you can take your Bearded Dragon for a walk. They’ll enjoy exploring the outside and meeting new people. Be sure to keep your Beardie on a secure leash just in case.

What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With?

Bearded Dragons like to play with many toys. For example, they’ll enjoy a ball and other dog or cat toys, such as a laser pointer, tunnel, or cat wand. As long as you monitor your Beardie while they play, they can play with just anything. However, every Beardie has a different personality. So, try different things to see what they enjoy.

Watch this video:

What Do Bearded Dragons Like In Their Tank?

bearded dragon in tank

Your Beardie’s tank is their home. So you want them to have a few essentials, such as a basking spot and a water and food dish. 

However, like our own homes, we have areas where we keep our hobbies. For example, Bearded Dragons want to have fun in their tanks if they can’t be out exploring.

You can have various decor such as hiding spots, bridges, and tunnels. Make sure they’re sturdy enough that your Bearded Dragon can crawl through them or climb on top of them. 

In addition, they’ll love to have something that mimics a log or tree branch for them to climb.

What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Sleep On?

Do Bearded Dragons like beds? Yes, they do. Beardies like to be warm, so they’ll try to find heat where ever they can. They’ll sleep on beds or hammocks, near or under their basking spot. In addition, you can give them a stuffed animal to cuddle up with inside their tank.

What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Watch?

Bearded Dragons enjoy watching TV. If the television is facing their tank, they’ll sometimes sit in the corner and watch.

On the other hand, they’ll enjoy sitting with you or by you on the couch or ground watching a movie. In some cases, they’ll cuddle with you while watching the TV.

Also, Beardies enjoy watching people. They enjoy the company of people more than they do other Bearded Dragons.

So, you can bring your lizard outside to sunbathe or to take a walk. They’ll enjoy watching the people around you and seeing what they’re up to.

Do Bearded Dragons Like Baths?

Yes, Bearded Dragons typically enjoy baths. They love to soak, and spending time with you is a bonus. However, some Beardies, depending on their personality, might not like the water as much.

If yours does enjoy the water and you want to make bath time all the more fun, you can buy miniature floaties. Your Beardie can push them around in the water, or they can climb on top of them and float around.

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Be Pet?

how do bearded dragons show affection

Do Bearded Dragons like to be handled? One of the great things about Beardies is that they love to be held and petted.

Beardies love to be scratched under their chin, on their head, or cheeks. They’ll also love to cuddle close to you.

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Climb?

Bearded Dragons enjoy roaming and exploring. This includes climbing.

In fact, Beardies are often found climbing trees. It’s a great source of exercise for them and allows them to explore different ways to get a new perspective on things.


So, what do Bearded Dragons do for fun? The answer is more than you’d think.

Beardies enjoy having plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation. The best part is that they love to do things with you.

Whether you’re inside or outside, you can be sure you’ll always be able to find a fun activity or game to do with your Bearded Dragon.

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