Frank Kane - Pug with his legs crossed

Hi! I’m Frank Kane. As a lover of all creatures great and small, I can’t get enough of my scaled and furry friends. That’s why I started this site! Here, I share with you my knowledge and love of animals so you learn and appreciate them too.

I’m a keen aquarist and especially love reptiles owning a beloved beardie among others, so you’ll find this site especially useful if you also have a love for water and reptilian creatures.

Ever since I was a kid and I first made friends with lizards in our yard, I’ve always had a special appreciation for reptiles.

Some of my friends also write here about their favorite creatures so I hope you can find answers to whatever it is you want to know.

Have an animal, in particular, you’d like us to cover on this site? Contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.