How Long Do Pugs Live? Discover the Secrets to Pug Longevity!

How Long Do Pugs Live? Discover the Secrets to Pug Longevity!

Pugs are cute and tiny dog pets everyone adores. The squashed facial features they hold make everyone fall for them. But do you know how long do pugs live? Knowing their life expectancy and raising period is something one must know first and foremost.

How Long Do Pugs Live? Discover the Secrets to Pug Longevity!

The pug breed is famous for pets but is not easy to care for. Buckle up, and let’s get started! The article will take you through the average lifespan of pugs, their health considerations, and how you can expect them to live longer.

How to Know if my Pug is Dying?

How long do pugs live? The average life expectancy is approximately twelve to fifteen years, but how does one know that the pug is nearing death? The pug may lose interest in the activity, struggle with breathing, and often lose muscle control.
Moreover, pugs may become susceptible to fungal infections and undergo bladder failure. If any of these signs are visible, prepare yourself for the trauma of losing your pug sooner.

The Average Lifespan of a Pug

How Long Do Pugs Live? pug laying

How long do pugs live? Pugs are expected to have a lifespan of approximately twelve to fifteen years. However, this lifespan needs to be rocked solid. Depending on their living conditions and health status, some pugs tend to live longer or even shorter.

Let us tell you, female pugs live more than their male counterparts. Moreover, pugs suffer from breathing difficulties; hence they prefer to live in areas that aren’t too hot.

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Factors Affecting a Pug’s Lifespan

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Genetics plays a significant role in one’s life. Genetics dictate whether a pug will suffer from a particular disease or may develop a specific issue. If your pug descends from a healthy bloodline and lifestyle, they tend to live longer.

Diet and Nutrition

The diet of pugs also plays a vital role in how long do pugs live. Proper nutrition that ensures adequate functioning of the body is ideal. A healthy diet also boosts the immune system, which keeps the pugs alive and kicking.

For pugs, an ideal kibble diet is recommended. However, homemade food treats are a plus. Look for a kibble that suits your pug’s age and activity levels. Do look for the ingredients that are suitable for your pug to digest. However, three meals a day are enough for your pug.

Weight and Obesity

How Long Do Pugs Live?

Weight-related secondary issues are common in pugs. Pugs are known as couch potatoes; hence their tendency to gain weight is higher. Even a pound more weight leads them to feel under the weather. Therefore keep an eye on their weight to maintain their health.

Exercise and Activity Levels

Pugs are slothful rather than robust and active like other dogs. Hence, pugs aren’t demanding activity and exercise. Ideally, to keep a pug on top of its health, short walks daily do the job.

Moreover, to keep pugs in good shape, you must give them breaks while playing or walking to ensure they catch their breath. You can also serve them water and snacks to compensate for their energy levels.

Mental Stimulation and Socialization

Mental stimulation and socialization are also essential factors for how long do pugs live. If the pugs aren’t socialized at a young age, they become aggressive, stressed, and anxious when they come across dogs of other breeds or someone other than their owners.

Regular Veterinary Care

Ensuring a healthy lifestyle and timely visits to the vet keep pugs in good shape. Keep your pugs updated with their vaccinations and avoid any possible medical disease. If any signs of illness are visible, don’t wait for any further and visit a vet to consider how long do pugs live.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors in which pugs dwell are also important factors for how long do pugs live. The dogs that live indoors have a longer lifespan than those that stay outdoors. 

The indoor pugs are safe from chemicals and fumes of cars and other objects; hence they tend to live longer. Moreover, they do not fight with other dog breeds. And above all, indoor pugs are cleaner, therefore, fewer chances of infections and diseases.

Common Health Issues in Pugs

How Long Do Pugs Live?

Brachycephalic Syndrome

How long do pugs live? The brachycephalic dog breeds have shortened skulls. Therefore their skin has multiple folds and a short snout leading to breathing difficulty. If not taken care of, these cute pugs may experience a shorter life span than an average pug.

However, brachycephalic syndrome causes stenotic nares with extended nasopharyngeal turbinates. Moreover, the collapse of the larynx due to difficulty breathing is also a common problem. Weight is the primary reason for respiratory issues.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative disease that causes the detachment of bones and joints from their actual space. You may notice abnormal or struggling walking in pugs suffering from the disease. Moreover, pugs experience pain while walking.

The reason for hip dysplasia while we discuss how long do pugs live is not getting adequate nutrition and gaining more weight, known as lazy bones. Moreover, if you witness rapid and considerable growth, this can also be a contributing factor to hip dysplasia.

Patellar Luxation

Pugs are born with the shallow patella and its groove, often suffering from patellar luxation. It is, however, believed that patellar luxation is hereditary, but it also is a side effect of being overweight.

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE)

Pug dog encephalitis or Necrotizing meningoencephalitis is a disease that causes inflammation of brain tissues. Often, the disease leads pugs under the knife or six feet under the ground. If you see pugs with seizures or blindness, rush to the vet for an examination.

Eye Problems

The brachycephalic dog breeds under discussion of how long pugs often live to suffer from eye problems. Their flat faces tend to bulge the eyes outward; therefore, you may often see any scar or ulceration in or around their eyes.

Skin Issues

Pugs have short snouts and skulls; therefore, you see their cute little folds on the face. But do you know that it also affects how long do pugs live? The folds in their skin are susceptible to catching bacteria and cause infections, which, if not treated timely, can be fatal.

Dental Problems

Have you heard the saying “healthy teeth lead to a healthy body”? Just as humans require biannual dental checkups and cleanings, pugs also require adequate dental cleanings. If you find it heavy on pockets, ensure proper brushing and cleaning at home.

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Tips for Increasing a Pug’s Lifespan

How Long Do Pugs Live?

Providing a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

Pugs are not the breeds comfortable with frequent exercise; therefore, keeping an eagle’s eye on their diet and weight is essential. Feed them a set amount of food per day with occasional meal treats.

Moreover, I prefer to serve the pugs home-cooked food. The benefit of home-cooked food is that it is free from preservatives and additives. So how long do pugs live is under your control as you select healthy options rather than unhealthy diet plans?

Ensuring Regular Exercise and Maintaining an Ideal Weight

How Long Do Pugs Live? 3 pugs standing

A sedentary lifestyle for pugs is neither healthy nor makes them run around the house ideal. Keeping the right balance of activity and diet keeps them alive and kicking.

Pugs tend to suffer from breathing problems during extreme weather; therefore, taking them for a stall is ideal in the morning and evening to ensure they don’t get exposed to scorching temperatures.

Scheduling Routine Vet Visits, Vaccinations, and Preventive Care

As we live, routine health checkups are a part of our life. Similarly, it is recommended that one should take pugs for regular health screening to the vets to ensure pug’s health and keep them on cloud nine.

However, pug owners often slack off the routine vet visits as the pug’s age. Frequent vet visits are vital in keeping pugs up and alive when we talk about how long do pugs live.

Proper Grooming, Dental Care, and Hygiene

Proper grooming of the pugs and cleaning their skin and ear folds is also essential when discussing how long do pugs live. The skin and ear folds are a breeding house for infections; therefore, timely and adequate cleaning of folds is critical.

Nonetheless, dental hygiene is also equally important. If oral hygiene is not taken care of, dental infections can spread into the bloodstream leading to systemic diseases. Moreover, lack of dental hygiene in pugs may lead to loss of teeth as they age.


When you plan to pet a pug, a reasonable question that arises is, how long do pugs live? The question gives an idea of what you are looking for. The ideal lifespan pugs have is twelve to fifteen years. Do note it is an estimated lifespan.

To ensure a longer lifespan in pugs, one must keep track of their pug’s health and grooming routine. Moreover, pugs suffer from breathing and other systemic issues; therefore, routine vet visits are a plus to keep them at the top of their health.

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