15 Best Toys For Bearded Dragons For Health And Happiness

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There’s some misconception about Bearded Dragons and play because they’re stuck inside a terrarium for most of their life. However, Bearded Dragons can easily get bored. They enjoy interaction with their owners and love to have fun and play. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s essential for Bearded Dragons to play with toys. Then, we’ll share 15 of the best toys you can get for your Beardie. (Plus three DIY options!)

toys for bearded dragons

Finally, we’ll share some activities you and your Bearded Dragon can do together to bond while having fun. 

Do Bearded Dragons Play With Toys?

Yes, Bearded Dragons play with toys. In fact, they love playing with toys. Beardies are usually looking for something to do whether it’s movement, enriching their mind or something fun to do with you. 

Do You Need Bearded Dragon Toys?

The short answer is yes. You absolutely need toys for Bearded Dragons because it will improve their quality of life and increase their lifespan. There are a few reasons for this.

One, your Beardie is inside an enclosed area all day, every day. So, having toys around will keep boredom away.

For instance, if your Bearded Dragon was out in the wild in their natural habitat, they’d be able to wander and explore.

They can go to near areas, find rocks to climb on, caves to hide in, and more.

You can set up their terrarium to mimic their natural habitat as best as possible, but they still need toys to help stimulate their minds.

In addition, toys help promote physical activity. So, not only will toys get Beardie thinking, but they’ll also get moving within their tank or outside of their tank if they’re chasing a ball or cat wand.

Overall, they’ll be having too much fun that they won’t realize the mental and physical stimulation they’re getting. 

Comparison Chart Of The Best Bearded Dragon Toy Options

NameImageBest for…Price
Reptile Toy Bell Balls With Suction Cups And RopesMental stimulationClick here
Bearded Dragon Lizard Bathe Float Bathtub ToyClimbing skillsClick here
Zilla Basking RampClimbing skills and hidingClick here
Interactive Cat Rainbow Wand ToysPhysical activityClick here
Cat Toy Ball With BellPhysical activity and mental stimulationClick here
PetFavorites Original Mylar Crinkle Balls Cat ToysPhysical activityClick here
Bearded Dragon Lizard HammockClimbing skillsClick here
Living World Hagen Pet TunnelPhysical activity and enrichmentClick here
Carolina Custom Cages Reptile BridgeClimbing skills and physical activityClick here
Laser PointerPhysical activityClick here
Reptile Lizard Lounger Bearded Dragon HammockClimbing skillsClick here
Zoo Med Habba HutPhysical activity and climbing skillsClick here

12 Best Toys For Bearded Dragons You Can Buy

The great thing about Bearded Dragons is that you don’t need to buy toys specific to them. Instead, they can play with just about anything and utilize many things as a toy.

So, let’s take a look at some of the 12 best toys for Bearded Dragons.

Toy 1: Reptile Toy Bell Balls With Suction Cups And Ropes

Best For: Mental stimulation

Biggest Pros:

  • Can be played with inside or outside their tank
  • Can be used as a feeder ball
  • Lightweight and durable for your Bearded Dragon to use

One of the best toys you can get is a Bearded Dragon ball toy. For this particular ball toy, you can use the suction cup to press it against the glass of their tank, either inside or outside.

For example, you can put it outside their tank so while your Beardie is wandering around the room, they can go over to the ball and play with it if they want.

Alternatively, if they get too bored inside their tank, they might go over and push it around. If it gets stuck on some decor, your Beardie will have to think about how to get it down.

Also, you can hide some food inside the balls, so your Bearded Dragon will have to work for their food.

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Toy 2: Bearded Dragon Lizard Bathe Float Bathtub Toy

Best For: Climbing skills

Biggest Pros:

  • Promotes fun in the bathtub
  • Lightweight for Bearded Dragons to climb on or push around in the water
  • Comes in different colors and patterns

Not all Bearded Dragons enjoy swimming or bath time. So, having floaties can entice them to enjoy the water a bit more. In addition, some Beardies love bath time, so the floaties will make it all the more fun for them.

Bearded Dragons can do a lot with floaties. For example, they can push them around in the water safely or climb on top of them and float around.

If you put a couple of floaties in the tub at one time, your Beardie can go from one float to the other as if it’s an obstacle course.

Also, these particular floaties come with six of them. Each is different, with vivid colors and fun patterns that will attract your Bearded Dragon’s eye.

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Toy 3: Zilla Basking Ramp

Best For: Climbing skills and hiding

Biggest Pros:

  • Flat top surface
  • Easy to climb
  • Hollow inside

There’s a lot to love about this particular product. For one, it can come in a few different sizes. So, you can buy a big one and wait for your Beardie to grow into it, or you can start small and upgrade as your lizard grows.

What’s great about this rock is that it has three functions. For one, it has a hollow inside that your Beardie can hide in or walkthrough, so it acts as a short tunnel.

In addition, your Beardie can climb it from a few different directions. It mimics a rock from the wild, which should entice them to climb it. It’s not too steep either, so it’ll be easier for them to make it to the top.

When they make it to the top, there’s a flat surface where they can lounge and bask to their heart’s content.

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Toy 4: Interactive Cat Rainbow Wand Toys

Best For: Physical activity

Biggest Pros:

  • Interactive to get your Beardie moving
  • Comes with two wands
  • Colorful and enticing

Even though this is advertised as a cat toy, your Bearded Dragon can also have a lot of fun with this wand toy.

Not only will your Beardie have fun chasing the ribbon, but it’s a great bonding moment for the two of you because you’ll be playing together.

The ribbon is colorful, so it’ll be enticing for your Bearded Dragon to chase and catch. They’ll move around quite a bit, getting plenty of exercise.

Once they catch it, be sure to reward them with an insect treat.

Also, be sure to buy cat wand toys that do not have feathers or loose parts on them. If your Beardie accidentally eats any of the pieces, then it could cause impaction, and they’ll get sick.

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Toy 5: Cat Toy Ball With Bell

Best For: Physical activity and mental stimulation

Biggest Pros:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Colorful and enticing with the bell
  • Promotes movement

Cat toys are great to use with Bearded Dragons because they’re usually small and lightweight. These cat toy balls are excellent for Beardies to play with.

They’re similar to the ball with suction cups, but your Beardie will be able to push these balls around the room. In fact, the two of you can try to play catch or soccer with one another.

Check out his Bearded Dragon enrichment video:

These balls also come in many different colors, so they’ll be eye-catching to your lizard. The best part is that there is a little bell inside the balls. So, your Beardie will try hard to get the bell out. Or, they might simply be intrigued by the light sound.

Luckily, the balls are lightweight and durable, so your Bearded Dragon shouldn’t be able to eat it or crack it open.

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Toy 6: PetFavorites Original Mylar Crinkle Balls Cat Toys

Best For: Physical activity

Biggest Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Colorful
  • Promotes enrichment

These crinkle balls are another fun cat toy that you can use with your Bearded Dragon. Crinkle balls are typically made with a soft, lightweight mylar or plastic that’s easy for your Beardie to move around.

What’s great about these balls is that the crinkle sound intrigues your Bearded Dragon, making them curious about what it is. Then, they’ll bat it around and move it about the room. Also, they’re colorful, so they’re eye-catching to lizards as well.

They do a similar job to the previous cat ball toys on this list, but crinkle balls can be made at home. They’re affordable if you decide to buy them. However, you can easily make them yourself.

For instance, all you need to do is crinkle regular paper into a ball. Of course, you can make different-sized balls as well, which will be more fun for your Beardie.

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Toy 7: Bearded Dragon Lizard Hammock

Best For: Climbing skills

Biggest Pros:

  • Comfortable material
  • Comes in a few different sizes
  • Sturdy and easy to set up

Bearded Dragons don’t have to play with toys only outside of their tank. In fact, toys don’t need to be in the form of toys.

A hammock doesn’t sound much like a toy, but it certainly can be. For instance, all you need to do is set up a hammock with the suction cups in the corner of your Beardie’s tank, and they’ll need to climb to get to it.

You can even move it around in different spots in the tank once in a while so that your Bearded Dragon will need to explore more of their habitat.

A hammock promotes climbing skills, and this particular one has comfortable mesh material. So, when your Beardie makes it to the top, they can lounge on the hammock and relax. Overall, hammocks are great Bearded Dragon climbing toys.

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Toy 8: Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

Best For: Physical activity and enrichment

Biggest Pros:

  • Promotes play and enrichment
  • Sturdy tunnel with metal frames
  • Easy to clean

Bearded Dragons enjoy going through tunnels and hiding within caves. You can find some natural-looking rocks and logs to place inside their terrarium. Or, you can find a larger tunnel for them to play with outside of their habitat.

For instance, you can buy a tunnel that’s suitable for guinea pigs, bunnies, or even cats. Of course, your Bearded Dragon will enjoy going through the tunnel.

You can move a cat wand through the tunnel or toss some food pieces inside for your Beardie to find to entice them further.

Also, some tunnels have attachments that have multiple routes within the tunnel. Those will be a lot of fun for your Bearded Dragon. They’ll be able to spend a long time there.

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Toy 9: Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Bridge

Best for: Climbing skills and physical activity

Biggest Pros:

  • Perfect size for Bearded Dragons
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy

Having a bridge inside their terrarium is another fun activity for your Bearded Dragon to do. They can’t be outside of their tank all the time, so it’s fun to have some decor in their tank that they can interact with.

This bridge is small enough to fit inside the standard 40-gallon tank, but it’s large enough to fit a full-sized Bearded Dragon.

The bridge isn’t too steep, but it’s steep enough for your Beardie to climb. They can use the bridge to get from one end of their tank to the other, or they can take a rest on the bridge if they want. 

The best part is that it’s sturdy for them to climb on, and it’s easy for you to clean.

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Toy 10: Laser Pointer

Best For: Physical activity

Biggest Pros:

  • Promotes movement and enrichment
  • Engaging fun
  • Comes in three colors

Laser pointers are a lot of fun for your Bearded Dragon. They’ll believe the laser is an insect, and immediately, they’ll be engaged.

You can move the laser around the room and watch your Beardie scurry after it. They’ll receive plenty of exercise, and they’ll be engaged as they try to “hunt”.

In addition, they come in different colors so that you can switch things up a bit and make it a little more colorful and enticing for your Bearded Dragon. 

However, you want to be careful never to point the laser in your Beardie’s face. Also, this toy will be fun to play with for only a couple of minutes at a time, about once a week. 

When your Beardie’s “catches” its prey when you’re about to put the laser away, be sure to give them a treat as a reward.

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Toy 11: Reptile Lizard Lounger Bearded Dragon Hammock

Best For: Climbing skills

Biggest Pros:

  • Sturdy suction cups to hold weight
  • Long length for climbing
  • Can be installed at an incline

This is another hammock option for your Bearded Dragon. It’s made with 100% natural seagrass fiber that’s woven together for ultimate comfort. Sure, your Beardie will rest on this, but they can also use it as a toy.

Not only can you hang up the hammock in multiple areas of their tank, but this one is long. So, you can place it at an incline and watch your Beardie climb it as if they were climbing a tree.

In addition, it can be used as a basking spot. If they want more heat, they can climb higher. However, if it’s too warm for them, they can climb back down a little to cool off.

Overall, this is a great climbing toy for your Beardie that they’ll have fun with inside their tank.

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Toy 12: Zoo Med Habba Hut

Best For: Physical activity and climbing skills

Biggest Pros:

  • Provides shelter and shade
  • Made with real wood for a natural look
  • Large enough to use inside and outside the tank

This is another piece of decor that doesn’t look like a toy, but it can certainly be used as one.

For instance, this can stay inside your Beardie’s tank to be used as a shady spot for them. It’s made of real wood, so it mimics their habitat nicely.

Your Bearded Dragons can lay down inside it, walk through the tunnel, or climb on top of it.

In addition, you can take it outside of their tank and leave it out while they wander around. Your Beardie might want to retreat inside it at one point or use it as a climbing toy.

Also, you can have more than one out at a time and turn the room into a small obstacle course.

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3 Best DIY Bearded Dragon Toys

Remember when we mentioned you could make crinkle balls yourself? Well, there are other Bearded Dragon toys that you can DIY at home.

Here are a few fun ideas.

DIY Toy 1: Toilet Paper Rolls

tissue paper rolls as toys for bearded dragons

Best For: Physical activity, enrichment, and climbing skills

Biggest Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Can be recycled
  • Multiple uses

Like a ball, a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll can roll around on the ground. You can roll it back and forth with your Bearded Dragon, or you can use it as a tunnel.

For instance, if you still have a Bearded Dragon who isn’t fully grown yet, they might be able to go through the roll with ease. You can place food pieces inside to entice them.

In addition, you can use it as a guessing game. Hide food pieces under one and leave the others empty. Then, allow your Bearded Dragon to “hunt” for their food.

Finally, you can cut and tape the rolls together to make a bigger tunnel for your Bearded Dragon. Also, you can make a pyramid with them so your Bearded Dragon can climb on top of them.

DIY Toy 2: Build Wooden Decor

wooden decor for bearded dragons

Best For: Climbing skills

Biggest Pros:

  • Can be made specifically with your Bearded Dragon in mind
  • Can have multiple purposes
  • Mimics natural habitat

There are many items you can get for your Bearded Dragon’s tank. Some are made of plastic, while others are made with real wood.

If you’re crafty with your hands, you can build your natural wood decor for your Beardie’s habitat. This decor can have many parts to it.

For example, you can build a ramp for them to climb to the top, have a hole through the middle that acts as shade, and a tunnel to walk through. 

Also, you can attach a lightweight ball to it or even add a place where you can add food pieces. It can be an area of their tank that they feel comfortable with and can have plenty of fun at the same time.

DIY Toy 3: Shred Paper

shredded paper as toy for bearded dragons

Best For: Enrichment

Biggest Pros:

  • Can be recycled
  • Multiple uses
  • Quick to setup

Bearded Dragons love light sounds and enjoy crinkling things. So, you can always place a couple of pieces of paper in front of them and watch them go to town. Your Beardie will have so much fun walking across the paper, listening to it crinkle, and will enjoy shredding it.

You’ll want to keep an eye on them while they do so because you don’t want them accidentally eating the paper. However, one sheet should keep them pretty occupied for a little while. 

Also, make sure you do this with your Bearded Dragon outside their tank. That way, if you miss cleaning up a piece they have torn off, it won’t be sitting in their terrarium. 

The best part is that you can rip some paper with them. It will show them what they can do and will also be a fun bonding moment. 

How To Play With A Bearded Dragon

toys for bearded dragons

Bearded Dragons love to play. However, they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to help them thrive.

Not only will they enjoy playing with toys you buy or make for them, but they’ll enjoy spending quality time with you.

So, here’s a quick list of some things you can do with your scaly friend.

Look Out The Window

Most Bearded Dragons enjoy looking outside and checking out the unknown.

They can find many different things outside the window, such as people walking by, dogs, squirrels, and other animals. In addition, they can watch the trees sway in the wind or watch the rain pour from the sky.

When introducing window watching to your Beardie for the first couple of times, keep an eye on their body language.

For instance, some Beardies might get nervous or scared of the unknown. Or maybe they like watching people walk by, but they’re spooked by the rain tapping on the window.

If they get scared then window watching might not be the best activity. However, most Beardies enjoy it.

Take Your Bearded Dragon For A Walk

bearded dragon eat food

If your Bearded Dragon enjoys looking out the window with you and they’re intrigued by the outside, then you can always buy them a leash.

Yes, there are leashes for Bearded Dragons, and you can certainly take them for a walk.

First, begin with your yard. Next, allow your Beardie to explore your driveway, front lawn, and around your house. Once they get used to that and seem to enjoy it, you can try taking them for a walk around the neighborhood.

Beardies can grow up to 24 inches long, but they can’t manage to walk multiple miles in one day. So, depending on how big your neighborhood is, pick them up and carry them for some of it.

In addition, for the first walk around the neighborhood, you can carry your Beardie first to see their reaction to outside their territory.

Watch TV Together

Finally, most Bearded Dragons love to watch the screen. So whether you have the TV on, the computer or you’re watching something on your phone, your Beardie will want to join.

They don’t understand what’s happening on the screen, but they love the moving pictures.

If you want, you can put on a video of insects for them for extra engagement. However, be sure to give them an insect in real life afterward as a treat or reward for catching all those on-screen bugs.


When adopting a Bearded Dragon, be sure to budget in some toys for them. There are many things we can do with our scaly friends. With plenty of toys, Bearded Dragons will thrive physically and mentally.

Not to mention, it’ll be a lot of fun for the both of you.

Learn how your Beardie shows affection here, what they do for fun here and everything about raising bearded dragons here. Also find useful tips about traveling with bearded dragons here and more guides and interesting facts about Bearded Dragons here.

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